Saturday, March 19, 2011

My 1st ripe tomato experience

My 1st ripe tomato experience ;) 1" tomato in my garden. It grew accidentally. Who says only the green thumbed people can grow things. Sometimes nature grows by it's own self.

When I saw it y'day, I remembered an old folk song we used to sing while playing oranges and lemon. Ok, maybe the local Gujarati version. The song goes something like this:

Maari waadi maa taametu taametu
Ghee god khaatu tu khaatu tu
Nadiye naava jaatu tu jaatu tu
Aas maas ane thadiyo thaas

Literally translated as:
There was a tomato growing in my garden
who used to eat butter and jaggery
who used to go to the stream to bathe
the seed broke with the sound "thaas"

Funny, eh? translations are funny basically when you know both the languages. We used to sit down at the sound "thaas". Funny, how we can still remember some things that we did as a child.

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  1. such a teeny weeny blushing tomato :)
    you are on which floor ?? looks pretty high !